Edinburgh Electric Lighting

Invitation  -  1895

Edinburgh Electric Lighting  -  1895

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Michael AG McNiven, Dean, Edinburgh


Edinburgh Electric Lighting  -  1895

Thank you to Michael AG McNiven for letting me see the invitation, above, to the Control Station, Dewar Place, on 11 April 1895, the day that electric street lights were first switched on in Edinburgh

Michael wrote:

"I have the original ticket which belonged to my late father, who presumably inherited from a family member."

Michael AG McNiven, Dean, Edinburgh:  June 6, 2008

This invitation above was printed by George Stewart & Co, Edinburgh, the company that is reputed to have been the first in Britain to produce picture postcards, at around the same time as the invitation above was printed.

 Here is a George Stewart & Co postcard from the 1890s.

Postcard  -  Castle Series  -  Princes Street, looking west



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