Official Opening of

The Forth Bridge

A page from the Programme for the Official Opening  -  4 March 1890

Catalogue for the Opening of the Forth Bridge  -  List of names, possiboly of some of those who died during the construction of the bridge

©  Thank you to David Gordon for allowing me to photograph his programme


The Forth Bridge

The Programme

Here is one of the pages in the program for the Official Opening of the Forth Bridge on March 4, 1890.

This is the cover of the program.

Cover or the programme for the  Official Opening of the Forth Bridge  -  4 March 1890 ©

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The verse on this page, and the illustration (by MW who has also added his name to the three portraits in this programme) suggests to me that these may be the family names of the men who were known to have lost their lives during the building of the bridge.

Further research by the Queensferry History Group around 110 years later revealed the names of many more who lost their lives in the construction of the bridge - over 100 men. I believe.

A memorial has now been erected to them.  It stands beside the entrance to the Café, set back from the road a short distance to the west of the bridge at South Queensferry.



Forth Bridge

Forth Road Bridge