Airbus A380

The world's largest airliner

First visit to Scotland

Airbus A380  -  Approaching Edinburgh Airport, over Silverknowes Golf Course

Airbus A380 -  photographed from Silverknowes Promenade - September 5, 2009

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                         Photo taken:  September 5, 2009 at 13.36


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    Airbus A380 -  photographed from Silverknowes Promenade - September 5, 2009


Airbus A380  -  Edinburgh  -  September 5, 2009

Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is currently the world's largest commercial airliner with 525 seats.  So far, eighteen A380s have been delivered to three airlines;  Emirates, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.

The plane in the photograph above is F-WWOW, serial no 0001, the first A380 prototype aircraft.

First Flight over Scotland

This photo was taken on the A380's first visit to Scotland, when it made an 'approach and go' fly-past manoeuvre, flying a few hundred feet above Edinburgh Airport.  After passing over Edinburgh, the plane  flew west  to make a similar manoeuvre over Prestwick Airport before flying on to Northern Ireland (for the International Air Show at Portrush), Wales and England.

Edinburgh Photographs

The photograph above was taken from Silverknowes Promenade when the plane flew over Silverknowes Golf Course on its first approach to Edinburgh Airport.

The plane then flew out towards the Forth Bridge and along  the south coast of Fife, before returning, 10 minutes later, along the normal flight path into Edinburgh Airport above the Firth of Forth, over the Island of Inchkeith then across Silverknowes Promenade where I took more photos.  Please click on the thumbnail image below to see  them.

Airbus A380 - photographed from Silverknowes Promenade - September 2009


Planes approaching Edinburgh Airport

Airbus A380

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