formerly St Cuthbert's Coop

Milk Deliveries


St Cuthbert's Coop Milk Deliveries  -  Gorgie Road, 1971

St Cuthbert's horse-drawn milk delivery cart, Gorgie Road, 1971

  Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA (formerly based at RAF Kirknewton, near Edinburgh)


The same section of Gorgie Road, 2010

Section of Gorgie Road photographed in 2010.  This is the same section as appeared in a photograph of  a St Cuthbert's horse-drawn milk delivery cart, 1971

  Peter Stubbs.   Photograph taken:  July 26, 2010





Thank you to Al Lorentzen for allowing me to reproduce the top photograph above, taken in 1971 in Gorgie Road, across the road from Hearts FC stadium.

The entrance at 101 Gorgie Road with the red signage, on the extreme left of this photo,  was to:

Reid & MacKay Ltd.

Coach Hirers

Al describes this photo as:

"St. Cuthbert milk delivery on a dismal morning in 'Auld Reekie'."

Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA:  July 25, 2010





The same buildings and entrance in Gorgie Road can still be recognised today.  I took the second photograph above on July 26, 2010.

The entrance (with one of the signs now partly hidden behind the pedestrian crossing traffic lights) is now to:

Edinburgh Caravan Centre


Tynecastle Garage Sales



Scotmid  Milk Deliveries

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