Hunter Square

Unicyclist  -  1


Unicyclist on a Tightrope

About to juggle Flaming Torches

Edinburgh Festival 2003  -  A unicyclist on a tightrope is about to juggle three flaming torches

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 Photograph taken 10 August 2003



  Edinburgh Festival 2003  -   Juggling Unicyclist at Hunter Square

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Hunter Square

Throughout the Edinburgh Festival, Hunter Square, at the top of Blair Street beside the Tron Kirk, has been one of the locations for street entertainment, with different acts performing every 30 or 45 minutes. 

The view above looks to the south towards the site of the Old Town Fire in December 2002, with the dome of the Old College of Edinburgh University in the background.


Above is an entertainer about to juggle three flaming torches while riding a unicycle on a low tightrope.  The footprints on the pavement below the cycle are left from an earlier entertainer.