North Merchiston

School Class

Bryson Road, Edinburgh



North Merchiston School Class   -  1938-39

  Jimmy Letham, Elizabeth Vale, Adelaide, South Australia                                                                           Photographer not known


North Merchiston School Class


Thank you to Jimmy Letham

Jimmy Letham  -  from a school photograph of his North Merchiston School Class, 1938-39

now living in South Australia, for sending me  the photograph of the school class above, and for providing the names below.  (You've done well to remember so many of the names after about 70 years, Jimmy.)

This is one of two photographs that Jimmy Letham sent to me.

Here is the other photo:

Around 1940

   North Merchiston School Class  -  around 1940

Jimmy tells me that the school has since burnt down.

Acknowledgement:  Jimmy Letham, Elizabeth Vale, Adelaide, South Australia:  Januiary 16, 2007


North Merchiston School Class  -  Names


Back Row left to right

Miss Crowe Head Mistress,   Jimmy Hat,   Willie Allsop,   Unknown,
George Young,   Stewart Fraser,   Tommy ?,   Miss Walker Class Teacher

3rd Row left to right

Unknown,   Tommy Speakman,   Ronnie Bell,   Ian Woodburn,
Jimmy Letham,   Eddie Hislop,   Frankie Rug,   Unknown,   Ian Beattie

2nd Row left to right

Unknown,   Unknown,   Unknown,   Moira Pringle, Sheila Tough,   Unknown,
Sheila Ross,   Margaret Renton

Front Row left to right

Nan Grant,   Unknown,   Unknown,   Ella Drysdale,   Unknown,   Rita Petrico,
Unknown,   Unknown,   Isobel Darling 
[One name missing on this row.]


North Merchiston School Classes

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