North Merchiston

School Class

Bryson Road, Edinburgh

Around 1940


North Merchiston School Class   -  around 1940

  Jimmy Letham, Elizabeth Vale, Adelaide, South Australia                                                                         Photographer not known


North Merchiston School Class

Around 1940

Thank you to Jimmy Letham, now living in South Australia, for sending me  the photo above.  Jimmy tells me that by the time the photo  was taken, near the start of World War II, he had been evacuated to Clackmannan.

This is one of two photographs that Jimmy Letham sent to me.

Here is the other photo


   North Merchiston School Class  -  1938-39

Jimmy tells me that the school has since burnt down.

Acknowledgement:  Jimmy Letham, Elizabeth Vale, Adelaide, South Australia:  January 16, 2007


North Merchiston School Classes

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