Murrayburn School


Around 1950

A group of barefoot children at Murrayburn School around 1950

© Reproduced with acknowledgement Tom Allan, Portland, Oregon, USA .                                                 Photographer not named


Murrayburn School

Thank you to Tom Allan for sending me this photograph of Murrayburn School, Sighthill.

Tom wrote:

"This is my class at Murrayburn School.  The photo was taken circa 1950.  That's me on the top row, forth from right.

I am a retired mechanical engineer, and live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I've been an ex-pat. since 1962."

Tom Allan, Portland, Oregon, USA:  February 1+3, 2008

Here is another class photograph from Murrayburn School, this one taken about six years earlier:

Around 1944

    Murrayburn School Class -  1940s ©

If you know who took this photo,  please e-mail me.

Thank you.

-  Peter Stubbs:  February 5, 2008.


Murrayburn School

Thank you to Norma Allan (née Hardy) who wrote:


"I'm sure that the teacher in this photo is Mrs Main, my teacher in Primary 6 and 7 circa 1953.  It's nice to see these photos.  Isn’t the internet wonderful?

Carrickvale Junior Secondary

My mother, Mrs Polly Hardy, taught at Carrickvale Junior Secondary school at Stenhouse for many years.

My father, Dr David Hardy, was the school dentist for Murrayburn during that period!"

Norma Allan (née Hardy), Edinburgh:  July 5, 2008


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