EPS International Exhibition

and some of the members of the EPS Exhibition Committee


Selectors for the Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography - 1995

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                      Photograph taken June 24, 1995


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   Selectors for the Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography, 1995 together with some Members oi the EPS Exhibition Committee


EPS International Exhibition   -  1995

Selectors and Exhibition Committee Members

This photo was taken on June 24, 1995, at Creagan House, near Strathyre at the head of Loch Lubnaig, north of Callander, where the Selectors and Members of the EPS Exhibition Committee met for an evening meal, following two days in Edinburgh selecting photographs for the exhibition.

The people in the photograph are (left to right

-  Lord (Philip) Caplan  FRPS

-  Doug Hamilton

-  Alex Melrose

-  Alison Bradley

-  Dorothy Melrose

-  Roger Taylor

-  Ron Panton

-  Sue Moore  FRPS  (Selector)

-  Aphra Bremner  FRPS AFIAP  (Selector)

-  John Ruickbie

-  Chris Morris

-  Margaret Salisbury FRPS EFIAP APAGB  (Selector)

-  Sandy Cleland  FRPS AFIAP (Exhibition Secretary)

-  Sue Hill


Here is another photo taken the same evening:

Selectors for the Edinburgh Photographic Society International Exhibition - 1995