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Boroughmuir School

Class 2c2  -  1956

 Boroughmuir School -  Class 2c2, 1956

  D&W Prophet, Dundee.  Reproduced with acknowledgement to George Ramsay, Spain + UK

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    Boroughmuir School -  Class 2c2, 1956


Boroughmuir School

Thank you to George Ramsay for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of Class 1c2 or Class 2c2 at Boroughmuir Secondary School, taken in 1955.***

Acknowledgement:  George Ramsay, Spain + UK:  November 13, 2011

*** Please also see Colin' M Warwick's comments on this photo in his 'Reply 1'below




Colin M Warwick


Thank you to Colin M Warwick who wrote:


  Sciennes School Class  -  1947-49

"I also have a copy of this photograph, and I have a page of autographs.  This has helped me to  date the photo and identify most of my classmates in the photo.

Colin M Warwick, Edinburgh:  March 29, 2014

The pupils in this photo are, left to right:

  Back Row 2nd Row
(next to back)
3rd Row
(next to front)
Front Row
1. Joseph Dempsey     Andrew Howie
2. Colin Warwick     Alan Forrest
3. G Munro?   Ruby MacGilchrist George Ramsay
4. Robert Page   Ann Clark John Mavor
5. Robert Wight Wilma Pitkethly   Sandy Harvey
6. Richard Freeman     Douglas Will
7. Robert Bayne      
8. Graig Turner      

Colin also gave me the names of more of the girls in this photo, but was not able to say exactly where these girls were in Rows 2 and 3.  Here are their names:

Margaret Ulke

Linda Maxwell,

Elinor Ramsay

June Cameron

Kay Begarnie

Helen Barnett,

Silvia McCabe

Irene Leslie

[4 others]

ALSO:  Missing on the day this photo was taken was Alfred Hunt (from USA)

Colin M Warwick, Edinburgh:  March 29, 2014


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