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Class 3x1   -   1952

Broughton High School, Class 3a2 in1949

  D & W Prophet, Dundee & Edinburgh            Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dick Martin, Scottish Borders, Scotland


Class 3x1 (1952)  -  2009 Reunion

Some of the Class 3X1 of 1952 from Broughton High School - at a Reunion in 2009

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dick Martin, Scottish Borders, Scotland


Then and Now

Thank you to Dick Martin for providing the two photos above.  Dick obtained Photo 1 from Brian Lockwood who now lives in Australia.  Brian was in this class, but was absent from school when this photo was taken.  However, his photo has been added to the top left-hand corner, at the end of the back row!

Commenting on Photo 2, Dick wrote:

2009 Reunion

"Here is a group of pupils who left Broughton Secondary School in 1952. It was taken in July 2009.  We meet about twice a year for lunch.  In this photo are (left to right):

-  Lily Auld

-  Helen Calder

-  Shirley Gilheany

-  Richard Martin

-  Margaret Hodge

-  Bill Breslin

-  Dulcie Murray

Dick Martin, Scottish Borders, Scotland:  July 27, 2011

Reply to Dick?

If any other former pupils from this class are interested in joining this group, Dick would be pleased to hear.  Please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Dick.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 2, 2011


Class 3x1

Commercial Subjects

Commenting on Photo 1, above, Dick Martin wrote:


"This photograph is of my class, 3x1, at Broughton Senior (High) School, taken in 1952.

As Class 1x1 in 1949, we were the first year to be taught  commercial subjects were taught at the school.  I believe that in about 1954/5 the commercial course was dropped from the curriculum.


"Any help with identifying the names in this photo would be gratefully appreciated.  That's me on the front row, first left."

Dick Martin, Borders, Scotland:  April 14, 2009

Class 3X1


After doing some research, and about 2 years after asking his question above about who was in this photo, Dick Martin has come up with a full list of  names of the pupils in this photo.

Class 3x1  -  1952

    Broughton Senior Secondary School, Class 3X1, 1952

Dick Martin, Borders, Scotland:  Aug 3, 2011

(left to right)

Back Row

2nd Row 3rd Row

Front Row


Brian Lockwood Ella McLaren Shirley Gilheany Richard Martin


Bob Lyle Avril Brown Catherine Dodds Isobel Greig


Harry Halliday Pat McIntyre Anna Thomson Sheila Bennet


Norman Angus Dulcie Murray Margaret Robertson Lily Auld


Ken Grant Rita Gordon Jean Morrison Mary Allan


Liddell Watson Davina Johnstone Dorothy Wright Bill Breslin


Alex Massie Helen Maxwell Marion Small  


Robert Mowat Helen Calder Evelyn Anderson  


George Wilkie Norma Henderson Helen Cumming  


  Edith Anderson Margaret Hodge  

Please see the photos below for matching the faces in 1952 and 2009

Broughton Secondary School

Class 3X1  -  1952 and 2009

Broughton Secopndary School Class 3X1 of 1952  -  Photos taken 1952 and 2009

  D & W Prophet, Dundee & Edinburgh (1952 photo)                .   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dick Martin (both photos)


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