Primary School

Primary 2  -  1951

Bruntsfield Primary School  -  1951, Primary 2

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Gordon Keddie, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA                                   Photographer not known


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    Bruntsfield PrimarySchool  -  1951, Primary 2




Gordon Keddie

Indianapolis, USA

Thank you to Gordon Keddie for sending me the photograph above of his class, P2, taken at Bruntsfield Primary School in 1951, together with the names of most of the pupils in this photo.

This is the second class photo that Gordon has sent to me.  In 2008, he sent me a copy of a photo of his Class 2G taken at George Heriot's school in 1957-58.

Gordon wrote:

"I see that you are now looking for a Bruntsfield School photo from the 1950s. I can't help with 1954-56 (although I attended Bruntsfield in these years) but here is a photo of my Primary 2 class at Bruntsfield Primary taken in 1951.

Below are the names that I remembered and noted in 2003. I turned 68 today and so these folks are all of the same vintage."

Gordon added:

"Our swimming teacher was Ellen King who won a medal in the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928.

I remember Alan Smith and Lynne Webster.  They were in the Sunday School at Viewforth Church.

My particular friends  were Norrie McLeod and Ricky Reid.  Norrie also went Heriot's and became an actuary. I think he lives in Juniper Green.

Gordon Keddie, Indianapolis, USA:  December 30, 2012

Reply to Gordon Keddie

Thanks for your message, and photo and list of names, Gordon.  You did well to remember so many names from a Primary 2 photo! 

It's good to hear from  you again, and to see the mention of Norrie McLeod.

I've known Norrie for a long time.  We both worked for Standard Life and became actuaries.  We both retired about ten years ago.  Norrie moved to Swanston on the edge of the Pentland Hills on the outskirts of Edinburgh in 1999 and is still living there.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 30, 2012


Bruntsfield Primary School

Class P2



Back Row

2nd Row

3rd Row


Front Row

on ground

1 Gordon Keddie Jean? ? ? Jimmy O'Toole
2 Alan Smith Marion? Winifred ? Kenny Irvine
3 Billy Verden ? ? Ellen ? Billy Turner
4 Eric Jensen Patricia Fairweather Winifred ? Andy ?
5 ? ? Pat Strugnall Irene ? David Martin
6 Garrick Stark Eileen ? Joyce Purves Ricky Reid
7 Norrie McLeod Ellen Moody ? ? David Shaw
8 Dougie McLennan Laura Spence Eileen McIntyre  
9 Patrick Smith   Lynne Webster  
10 Jimmy Gourlay      

 Thank you to Gordon Keddie, Indianapolis, Indiana, US for providing all the names above.
December 30 + 31, 2012




Gordon Keddie

Indianapolis, USA

Gordon added:

Class Photos

"1952 was the only year between 1950 and 1956 that class photos were taken at Bruntsfield Primary, as far as I know.

Even when I went to Heriot's, there were only two photos taken of our class between 1956 and 1962, this one and one of class VI in 1961-62.

Heriot's, Class 2G - 1957-58

    George Heriots School, Class 2G -  1957-58

Gordon Keddie, Indianapolis, USA:  December 31, 2012