George Heriot's School

Class 2G  -  1957-58

George Heriots School, Class 2G -  1957-58

 Yerbury:  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Yerbury family.


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     George Heriots School, Class 2G -  1957-58




Gordon Keddie

Indianapolis, USA

Thank you Gordon Keddie, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, for providing this photo.

Gordon later went on to teach Biology at Trinity Academy, 1967-70.

Gordon wrote:

Class 2G

"I am cross-legged on the ground at the right. In the middle, also cross-legged, is my best pal of those days, Bob ("Curly") Lamond, now a natural gas tycoon in Calgary Alberta.

I was the youngest in the class and he the smallest.  We had no self-esteem problems on that account - there's 'guid gear in sma' bulk'."

When Gordon sent me the photograph above, he added:

Panoramic Photo

"The photo I wish I had was a panoramic photo of the whole school with the staff and the Duke of Edinburgh on his visit to mark the Tercentenary of the school in 1959.

I dissected a rat for the Prince in the Biology class and answered a question about it's innards. Poor royals, I thought, they have to show they are interested in everybody and every mundane thing every day in life!"

Gordon J Keddie, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA:  September 22, 2008




Gordon Keddie

Indianapolis, USA

About four years after sending the photograph above to me, Gordon sent me this photo of his class at Bruntsfield Primary School, taken in 1952.

Bruntsfield Primary School

    Bruntsfield PrimarySchool  -  1951, Primary 2

Gordon added:


"1952 was the only year between 1950 and 1956 that class photos were taken at Bruntsfield Primary, as far as I know.2


"Even when I went to Heriot's, there were only two photos taken of our class between 1956 and 1962, this one and one of class VI in 1961-62.

However, there was also a panoramic photo of the whole school taken in  1959, marking the school's Tercentenary - with the Duke of Edinburgh in the centre

I never had a copy of that photo, but I remember  Prince Philip asking me about my dissection of a rat earlier in that day."

Gordon J Keddie, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA:  December 31, 2012


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