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Charles Spinks

Wood Turner and Sawmill, Edinburgh

Ten men, a horse and a dog

Charles Spinks, Sawmills  -  10 men, a horse and a dog

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Kim Traynor                                                                                      Photographer not known


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   Charles Spinks, Sawmills  -  10 men, a horse and a dog


Charles Spinks

Ten men, a horse and a dog

Thank you to Kim Traynor for allowing me to reproduce this photograph taken outside Charles Spinks' works.

Acknowledgement:  Kim Traynor. Tollcross, Edinburgh:  September 13, 2009

The Photograph

It is not known who took this photo.  If you know where and when this photograph may have been taken, please email me.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  September 18, 2009


Another Photo

Kim Traynor also sent me another photograph of Charles Spinks workers.

Charles Spinks Sawmills  -  10 men, a horse and a dog

I think this photo may be more recent than the one at the top of this page, because in this one, Charles Spinks appear to have acquired neighbours on their right.

In both photos, one of the men is holding a two-handled saw.  Is it the same man in each photo, and if so, how much older does he look in this photo than in the photo at the top of the page?

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Mungo Park

Gloucestershire, England

Thank you to Mungo Park who wrote:

Charles Spinks

Wood Turning + Golf Clubs

"With ref your Charles Spinks photos,

   Charles Spinks, Sawmills  -  10 men, a horse and a dog              Charles Spinks, Sawmills  -  11 men and a dog

 I have discovered an advertisement from the Otago Daily Times in 1895, placed there by David Hood, Clubmaker, who came originally from Musselburgh (brother of Tom Hood Snr, golfer and club-maker).

I imagine that this is the same Spinks as in your photo. It would be a natural extension of wood turning work to move into club making, although I have not personally seen a Spinks club."


   I have JUST LANDED, ex R.M.S. Rimutaka and s.s. Duke of Westminster , SHIPMENTS of above from Celebrated Makers McEwan and Sons (Musselburgh) and Charles Spinks (Leith).

   All particulars as to Prices, which are Very Reasonable, on application.


Club Maker


Otago Daily Times: 1895


 Mungo added:

Golf Clubs

"In fact, looking further at your photograph, it looks as though the man on the left is resting his hand on a golf club, which would seem to confirm my assumptions above."

Mungo Park, Gloucestershire, England:  31 December 2014 (2 emails)


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