'End-of War' Street Party

Street Party at Colinton to commemmorate the end of World War II

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Val Turner, Esk, Queensland, Australia


'End of War' Street Party

Thank you to Val Turner, Esk, Queensland, Australia, for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of herself as Gala Queen at Colinton, around 1945. 

Val writes:


"This is a photo of the 'End of War' street party.  I'm in the back row with my arm raised, with my sister in  what looks like a blazer in front of me.  The others in the photo are:

 Gordon Cameron.

 Ian Milton.

 My older sister with someone's arm in front of her face.

 Young Ian Anderson with white jumper,

-    Arthur Montgomery.

 Sandra Goodall.  Her face can just be seen.

-   Muriel Montgomery in front of Sandra Goodall.

 Ann Milton looking sideways beside Muriel Montgomery.

 Sheila Young with coat with lapel.

 David Shaunessy, small, in white pullover.

-   My friend Irene Young (Canada), (Sheila Young's younger sister)

 -  I can't remember the name of the little girl standing on one leg. 

 Chrissy Flemming in white dress.

 Brother, John Flemming in the black pullover.

 Mrs Shaunessy with black hair, standing beside Ann Milton.

 Standing on the side with, I think, Ida or something like that.

 Mrs Newbily (wrong spelling) coming down the stairs.

-  Mrs. Clarke, sitting opposite my dear Mother who is smiling and looking into the camera.

-  Mrs. Goodall, Sandra's Mother, lovely woman and her sister Violet standing beside her and of course The Union Jack standing proudly beside us.

Benny Flemming's face, just his face on the shoulder of my sister Marjorie in black blazer."


"The The Union Jack, standing proudly beside us.

It doesn'tlook like there's much going on on the eating side, but we can see the pint of milk for the cups of tea!! and I can see "

Valerie Turner, Esk, Queensland, Australia:  February 18, 2008


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