Primary School

Late 1960s

Craiglockhart Class - possibly before Craiglockhart Primary school  -  Around 1950-51

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Tom Carroll, Edinburgh                                                                    Photographer not known




Tom Carroll


Thank you to Tom Carroll for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Tom wrote:

Late 1960s

"I came across this old school photo of the class I was in at Craigmuir Primary School in the late-1960s.  Craigmuir Primary School is now no longer there.

I moved away in the early-1970s, and moved around a lot.  I have no recollection of who anybody is in the photo, apart from myself.  I'm standing next to the teacher in the back row.

I wonder if any of your viewers will recognise anybody in this photo.  Any help would be gratefully received."

Tom Carroll, Edinburgh:  June 7, 2016

Reply to Tom's question?

Please email me to let me know if you can supply the names of any of the pupils in this photo. 

            Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 8, 2016






Janice Jordan

Thank you to Janice Jordan who wrote:


The Cooking Centre staff at Craigmillar Primary School:  1960s

"That's me, at the right-hand end of the 2nd row in this picture, with my legs crossed."

Janice Jordan:  15 August 2018


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