North Merchiston

School Class

Bryson Road, Edinburgh

Around 1920

Darroch School Rugby Team, 1957-58

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Lesley Walls                                                 Photographer:  D&W Prophet, Dundee, Scotland


North Merchiston

Around 1920

Thank you to Lesley Walls for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of a class of 39 pupils.

Lesley Walls thought this was a photo of pupils at Darroch School when it was sent to me, but please see Reply 1 below

Lesley wrote:

School Rugby Team

"Here is a photo of a class at Darroch School, Edinburgh, taken around 1920 by D & W Prophet, Dundee.

My uncle, Archibald Donaldson is in the photo.  I never met him, but we think he is 3rd from the right on the back row."

Lesley Walls, Dalry, Edinburgh:  August 13, 2012




David McBain

Baberton Mains, Edinburgh

Thank you to David McBain, who has been researching the history of Darroch School, for his latest correspondence.

David wrote

North Merchiston

School Class

Not Darnoch School

"I'm almost certainly that this photo is not of a Darroch class.

Around 1920

    Darroch School Class  -  1920s 

I strongly suspect that it is, in fact, North Merchiston School.

This photograph sent by John Clark of Miss Bremners class at North Merchiston school in 1947, although not conclusive, does seem to support this."



David McBain, Baberton Mains, Edinburgh:  March 28, 2014


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