School Class

Flora Stevenson


A  Class at a Flora Stevenson Primary School, 1960-61

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Liz Gatley, England




Carol Conrad

Leith, Edinburgh

Thank you to Brian Alexander for sending me:

-  the photo above and

-  the comments below

both from his friend, Carol Conrad.

Carol wrote:

Class Photo


    Flora Stevenson school class -  around 1960-61

"This photo is of my P7 class at Flora Stevenson's Primary School.  It was taken in either 1960 or 1961. Unusually, our teacher, Miss Cook was absent when the photo was taken. Equally unusually, I had the foresight to add the names of her class mates on the rear of the image."

Carol Conrad, Leith, Edinburgh:  May 5, 2014

The list of names on the back of Carol's photo enabled her to compile the list below for me.    Thank you Carol.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  May 5, 2014




Chris Warbrick

Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Thank you to Christopher Warbrick who wrote:

Class Photo


    Flora Stevenson school class -  around 1960-61

"I attended Flora Stevenson School from 1954 to 1961.

I've just  read the note from Carol Conrad (above), who I DO remember, BUT she couldn't remember my surname on the school photo for 1961 - it is Christopher WARBRICK."

Class Mate

"I still see, on a regular basis, a fellow classmate, George Robertson, who in fact, was my best friend in Miss Cook's class!"

Teachers and Janitor

"I well remember Miss Cook, Miss Bishop our class teacher before Miss Cook, and before her, Miss Andrews.

I remember Miss Cook hauling out the old wooden wireless from the cupboard, so that we could listen to 'Singing Together' with William Appleby introducing!!

At first,  Mr Reid was our Headmaster.  He was followed by Mr Henderson.   The janitor was a Mr Smith throughout my time there."

Air Raid Practices

"I also remember the air-raid practices.  (The Cold War was in earnest then!)"

Chris Warbrick, Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland:  30 January, 2016


Flora Stevenson School

Class Photo

    Flora Stevenson school class -  around 1960-61


The pupils in this photo are, left to right

  Back Row

3rd Row

(next to back)

2nd Row

(next to front)

Front Row
1. Stuart McDonald Gerry Watson
George Robertson
Ian Dinwoody George Cafrae
2. John Alan Elizabeth Thomson Angus Henderson Ian Rait
3. Ailsa Livingstone Carol Wardrope Alan Cochran Billy Ford
4. Carol Conrad Vivian Galloway Johan Thom Douglas Sands
5. Elizabeth Mortimer Marna Gray Christopher Warbrick Derrick Hogge
6. Doreen Marshall Francis Howels Lawrence Inglis Michael Ainslie
7. Sheila McPherson Helena Polanik Richard Steedman  
8. Frances Gosling Norma Colvin Thomas Campbell  
9. Jim Wilson David Little Gordon Turnbull  

Thank you to Carol Conrad for supplying all the names in purple (on 5 May 2014)
and to Christopher Warbrick for providing t
he names in red (on 30 Jan 2016)


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