James Clark School


© Reproduced with acknowledgement to June Wood (née Robertson)                                                            Photographer not known


James Clark School

Thank you to June Wood (née Robertson)  for allowing me to reproduce this photograph.

June wrote:

School Class  -  1949

"This photo was taken at James Clark High School.  The year was 1949.

I don't remember any of the names.  It's a pity about that. "

June Wood (née Robertson), Central Coast, California, USA:  March 8, 2012

Several former pupils of James Clark School have sent their recollections of Edinburgh to the EdinPhoto web site, so perhaps one of them will see this photo and recognise some of the pupils in it.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  March 18, 2012



June Robertson Wood

Central Coast, California, USA

Thank you to June Wood (née Robertson)  who wrote again, adding:

School Class  -  1949

"By the by, I am in this photo, in the centre row, third from the right."

James Clark School Class  -  1949 ©

"The girl in the front row, fourth from the left, is also in  this 1949 'Leftovers' photo."

James Clark School - Class 4A 'leftovers'  -  i.e. those who were too young to leave the school at Easter ©

June Wood (née Robertson), Central Coast, California, USA:  March 18, 2012




Margaret Torrie Archibald


Thank you to Margaret Torrie Archibald who wrote:

School Class  -  1949

Muriel Torrie

    James Clark School Class  -  1949 ©

"My sister, Muriel Torrie, is in the blonde girl in the centre of the front row (sixth from the left) in this photo.  She was the Dux of the class and knit her own jumper to wear for this picture.

I've lived in America for the last 56 years, and also graduated from James Clark school."

Margaret Torrie Archibald, USA:  March 27, 2015


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