School Class at

James Clark School

St Leonard's, Edinburgh


A school class at James Cark School, St Leonards, around 1956-57

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jimmy Milne                                                                                        Photographer not known

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   A school class at James Cark School, St Leonards, 1956-57 ©




Jimmy Milne

Thank you to Jimmy Milne for sending me the photo above.  Jimmy wrote:

Choice of Schools

"I started James Clark when I was ten years old.   My 11th birthday was on 15 October, about two months after I started.

I was called Kemp Milne for the first 16 years of my life. Then Jimmy Milne.  I lived in Moredun.

It was usually the case that if you lived near a Secondary School then it was there you went, but my '11+' marks gave me access to:

a Technical course at The Inch Secondary OR

a Commercial Course at James Clark.  I regarded this as the better school, so I took the Commercial course.

Darroch Secondary was regarded as even better than James Clark School.  My two cousins went there because they lived  next door to Darroch."


"There were Technical and Commercial courses at James Clark.

- I think that all children had Arithmetic, English, Geography, History, Sport, Music and Art.

-  Boys on the Technical course learned Woodwork, Technical drawing and Metalwork at St. Leonards.

-  I've no idea if there was a girl’s equivalent, but there was always a lovely smell of cookery or baking coming over from the St. Leonards annex

-  Boys and Girls on the Commercial Course (2 classes in every year) learned Book-keeping, Typewriting, and either French (1c2a) or Spanish (1c2b).

-  I had 1 lesson in Shorthand then someone decided that only girls should have shorthand.

School Leavers' Certificate

"When the list of those who had passed the Edinburgh School Leavers' Certificate was read out, our teacher read out my name twice. She just couldn’t believe I had passed."

The Photo

"I think this photo is from 1956-57; our second year.  As you can see the school blazers are starting to disappear and the only boy still wearing short trousers was the 'elf' at the lower left corner."             (Please also see **' in 'Acknowledgements ' below.)

The Teacher

"The teacher in photo was our registration teacher Mr Dybas.  He insisted on getting in on the photo.  He was from Hungary and had fled the country after the Russian invasion. He was the fastest walker I have ever seen.

One of his front teeth was missing.  According to Mr Dybas, it had been kicked out in a fight with a Russian soldier. Mr Dybas' favourite quote was: “You should have seen what I did to him”.

Jimmy Milne:  January 11, 2013




Patricia Davies (née Inman

Thank you to Pat Inman who wrote:

My Class

     James Clark School  -  2nd Year Class, around 1956-57 ©

"I am 3rd from the left in the front row of  this photo.  I married Jim Blair in the back row in 1963.  We divorced, then I remarried in 1967.I now have four children & six grandchildren.”

Jimmy Milne:  January 11, 2013


James Clark School

     A school class at James Cark School, St Leonards, 1956-57 ©

Names:  left to right in each row


Back Row

Row next to

Row next to

Front Row


Derek Knight

? ***

? ***

? **


Ian Barratt

? ***

? ***

? ***


Alex Ellis

? ***

? ***

? Pat Inman


Morris ?

? ***

? ***

? ***


Kemp Milne

? ***

Mr Dybas

? ***


Tam Gibb

? ***

? ***

Norrie ?


Jim Blair

? ***

? ***



Brian Sives

? ***

? ***




? ***

? ***



1.  Thank you to Jimmy Milne for providing the names in black of the boys in this table.

    **   Jimmy says "This boy looks like an elf with large ears, but it's the hands of the girl behind him!

    ***  Jimmy says "Sorry girls" (for not knowing the girls' names)

2.  Thank you to Pat Inman for providing the name (her own name) in red in this table



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