School Class at

James Clark School

St Leonard's

Which Class is this?    -    1958

A class at James Clark School, St Leonards, 1958

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Walter Bisset                                                                                          Photographer not known




Frances Knight (née Franny Bee)

Thank you to Frances Knight for sending me a copy of this photo.  The photo was published in the Edinburgh Evening News 'Flashback' feature.

James Clark School


Here is a copy of the text that accompanied the photo above in the Evening News 'FLASHBACK' feature that Frances sent to me:


They were fun days at James Clark's School in the Fifties.  This picture was taken in 1958 and comes from Inez Gordon of ...., Edinburgh.  In those days, she was Inez Paxton, and that is her at the extreme right of the front row.  Now, she wants to arrange a reunion, and anyone interested should phone her.

OR Betty Borland.  That's her in the middle row at the extreme left

OR May Watters (second left, top row).

It looks as if a  big night out is on the way.

Published in Edinburgh Evening News.    Date not known, maybe mid-2015.

(I've removed the telephone numbers quoted in this article because I don't include personal telephone numbers or addresses on the EdinPhoto web site.  However, I would be happy to send any of these email numbers to me, if you send me an email requesting them.)

Frances added:

The Photo

"I think I can remember most of the manes in this photo, so here goes:"

Please see the table below for the names.

Acknowledgement Frances Knight (née Franny Bee) for sending me a copy of this 
Evening News 'Flashback' feature.  16 August, 2015 (2 emails)


James Clark School

Names:  left to right in each row



Back Row

3rd Row

Front Row
1 Sidonia

Betty Borland

2 May Watters Helen Marian
3 Anne Christine Frances
4 Pat Eileen Carol
5 Jane Evelyn Pat
6 Shiela Sarah Sylvia
7   ? Mureen
8   ? Ruth
9     Jean
10     Jane
11     Inez Paxton

Acknowledgements (by colour)

-  Frances Knight (née Frances Bee):  16 August, 2015
-  Inez Gordon, nee Paxton  + Edinburgh Evening News, 'FLASHBACK':  mid-2015?


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