Family Outing to Gullane

ames Morton-Robertson and Friend from Dumbiedykes

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to James Morton Robertson:  October 7, 2009



"Here is a photograph of :

-  me

-  my brother, Brian

-  my cousin Ian (Aunt Jeannie's son)

-  Ian's friend Victor Rafaellis (or is it John Mocogni?)"


"The Rafaellis had the corner shop at Heriot Mount and Dumbiedykes, a sweet and ice cream shop.  They made and sold the first ice lollies, but their freezer was barely man enough for the job as the lollies virtually fell apart after 5 minutes.

The Mocognis had the Fish & Chip shop in Carnegie Street near to the junction with Dumbiedykes.

During the war, both families would have spoken to the Italian Prisoners of War who walked in the Park after working on outlying farms.  They were housed at Duddingston Camp."

James Morton Robertson:  October 7, 2009

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James Morton Robertson