On the steps at

5 Keir Street

About 1956

A group of eight on the steps of 5 Keir Street, around 1956

 © Reproduced with acknowledgement to Margaret Johnston, Australia:  June 3, 2010


5 Keir Street

Thank you to Margaret Johnston (née Slattery), Australia, for sending this photo to me.

Margaret wrote:


"I've just found this photo, taken, about 1956,on the steps of 5 Keir Street, Edinburgh:

BACK ROW:      -  My Mum's Sister, Sarah Dante (left)

-  My Dad, John Slattery (centre)

-  My Mum, May Slattery (right)

MIDDLE ROW:  -  My Sister, May Slattery (left)

FRONT ROW:    -  My Brother, Gordon Slattery (right)

Others in the photo are my cousins from Ayr."

Margaret Johnston (née Slattery), Australia:  June 3, 2010



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