School Class at

Leith Walk
Primary School

The Day of the Qualifying Dance  -  1957 ?

Leith Walk Primary School  -  The day of the Qualifying Dance, around 1957

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Nelson, Mountcastle, Edinburgh                                   Photographer not known


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   Leith Walk Primary School  -  The day of the Qualifying Dance, around 1957 


Leith Walk Primary School

The Photo

Thank you to David Nelson for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his class at Leith Walk Primary School, taken on the day of the Qualifying Dance.  David believes that this photo was taken probably around 1957.

Unfortunately, there was a little damage to the photo with a few bits of the faces missing.  I've done myself to repair it, but apologise for the quality of restoration of some of the faces, including the boy at the bottom-left.


David sent me this photo in response to comments from Christine Anderson on in the East Thomas Street recollections page of this web site.

Christine wrote:

"I notice David Nelson from East Thomas Street has been in touch    He was my Partner for my Qualifying Dance.

I did not want him and he did not want me but as we were the only two left Mr Harper made us a pair."

Christine Anderson, Duddingston, Edinburgh  August 30, 2009

Acknowledgement:  David Nelson, Mountcastle, Edinburgh:  February 25+26, 2010


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