School Class at

Leith Walk
Primary School


Leith Walk Primary School  -  1950

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Frank Shaw, Perth, Western Australia.  Photographer probably D & W Prophet, Dundee & Edinburgh

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   Leith Walk Primary School  -  1950 


Leith Walk Primary School

Thank you to Frank Shaw for sending me this photograph.  Frank used to live in East Thomas Street and now lives in Perth, Western Australia.

He is the third person (the second boy) from the left on the back row of this photo.  Mrs Cooper, the teacher is at the end of the row.

Frank wrote:

"This photo was taken in the playground at Leith Walk school.  I believe it was taken in 1950 when I was eight.

I walked around the school again when I returned for a visit to Edinburgh last year.  It was just as  I had left it in 1955, except that the janitor's house is now boarded up.

Frank Shaw, Perth, Western Australia:  August 10, 2009