London Street School


Class at London Street School, 1920

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eileen  Watson, Craigleith, Edinburgh


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   Class at London Street School, 1920 ©


London Street School


Thank you to Eileen Watson for allowing me to reproduce this photo taken of a class at London Street school in 1920.  Eileen's mother is in this photo, the third girl from the right in the middle row.

I have had to repair some tears and creases in this photo, using Photoshop, so I apologise now to anybody who might find themself a little distorted as a result of these repairs




Helen Geekie (née Miller)

Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland

Helen Geekie wrote:

Class Photos

    Class at London Street School, 1920 ©

"I am particularly interested in this London Street School class photo taken in 1920 as my mother may be in it.

I've compared it with a class photo of me taken around the same age in the very same playground, and the resemblance is quite remarkable.  My brother agrees.

I doubt if my family ever saw this photo as it is unlikely they were able to afford to buy it."

My Family

"My mother's family, who lived in South St James Street (currently the site of the St James Centre), attended London Street School, then I went there from 1946-48.  The school is now called St Mary's Edinburgh and my grandson is there in Primary 1 so our connections must go back almost 100 years!"


"I collect my grandson from school from time to time.  Not much has changed - the tree is still there, as is the wall where I smacked my head and I am pretty sure I could still pick out the spot in the playground where I lost and found my first tooth in order that the fairies would leave 6d!"

Helen Geekie (née Miller), Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland:  October 18+25+28, 2012


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