Milton House School

Edinburgh Old Town

1957  -  Primary 3

Milton House School Class - 1957

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jean Greig, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland                         (Photographer not known)




Jean Greig (née Hathaway)

Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland

Thank you to Jean Greig (née Hathaway) for sending me this photograph of her Primary 3 class at Milton House Primary School, taken in 1957.

The children in the photo above, sent by Jean, appear to be younger than those in this 1957 photo from the same school (with the children standing in front of the same wall) that I already had on the web site:

Jean wrote:

My Class
Primary 3

"In this photo, I am the child wearing the glasses.  I think the teacher was Mrs Knight.

1957 - Primary 3

    Milton House School Class - 1957 Primary 3 ©

My Sister's Class

These other two photos of Milton House school classes have my sister in them:


 Milton House School class - 1953 ©

1957  - older children

    Milton House School class - 1957, older children  ©

We lived in the High Street at the Tron from the 1950s.  I went to Milton House until I started at James Clark secondary.

I was married at St. Giles in 1970."

Jean Greig, née Hathaway, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland:  June 4, 2011




Jean Greig (née Hathaway)

Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland

Thank you to Jean Greig for emailing me again to tell me some of the names of the pupils in this photo.  See the table below.

Jean also wrote:


"I think all of the children would have come from:

-  Lawnmarket

High Street

Blackfriars Street

St Mary Street

Calton Road


Jean added:

Open Day

"I was at some kind of Open Day in the last few years, held in Milton House which proved to be very interesting.  They still had some early Registers going back a fair old length of time, and these registers made you think, I can tell you!

Some of the written comments would not be allowed nowadays. They also had some history on how the school had come about and how the surrounding area was developed."

Jean Greig, née Hathaway, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland:  June 7, 2011

Open Day

I think that the Open Day that Jean mentions above may have been when the school was one of the buildings that featured in 'Doors Open Day' a few years ago.

I also visited the school then and took a few photos, but I've not yet found the time to add the photos to the EdinPhoto web site.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 7, 2011




Pat Barron

Thank you to Pat Baron for writing again about this photo.

Pat added::

1957 - Primary 3

"I can remember a lot of the faces in this photo, but I cannot remember the names."

1957 - Primary 3

Milton House School Class - 1957,  Primary 3 ©

Alma Gibson

"One girl that I do remember is Alma Gibson.  She is on the front row, 8th from the left.  She lived in the Canongate and her grandfather owned an antique shop just about opposite her house on the same side of the street as our school.

Another girl that I remember is my friend, Pat Reynolds.  She is in the second row from the front, the first row of girls, extreme left.  She also lived in the Canongate, right above the Blue Blanket Pub.  The flats are still there."

Pat Barron, East Edinburgh:  December 27, 2014 + February 24, 2015


Milton House School Class

1957, Primary 3

The pupils in this photo are, left to right:

    Milton House School Class - 1957 (younger class) ©


Back Row

2nd Row
(next to back)

3rd Row
(next to front)

Front Row


    Pat Reynolds
Patricia Barnes


    Irene Rafferty ? Coulter


Freddy Fielding Jean Hathaway twin MacPherson
(Pat or Irene?)


Denis Bartholemew      








    Alma ? Alma Gibson


    Helen Ward  


    Catherine Ferguson  


    twin MacPherson
(Pat or Irene?)


 Thank you to:

 -  Jean Greig (née Hathaway), Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, for the names above in black

 -  Pat Barron, East Edinburgh, for providing the names in red above.


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