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Primary School


    Sciennes School Class  -  1954

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Walter Bisset                                                                                     Photographer not known

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    Sciennes School Class  -  1954 ©



Primary School

Thank you to Walter Bisset, Currie, Edinburgh for sending me this photo of his class at Sciennes School, taken in 1954.

Walter added:

"I did some research and contacted some of the class.  I tried to name everyone, and managed all but one."

Here are the names:

Names (left to right)

Back Row

Eric Ketchin

Ian Lamb

Walter Bisset

George Kelly

Henry Naysmith

Gordon Crooks

Peter Gargaro.

4th Row

Tom Dodds

David Butcher

Ian Stewart (Martinussen)

James Clark

James Nilson

James Milne

Charles Carruthers

Alan McAthur.

3rd Row

Irene Jack

Doreen McCleland

Maureen Beattie

Ann Drysdale

Sandra Milner

Myra Binnie

Muriel Cassie

Ann Hunter.

2nd Row

Elaine Forrest

Louse Spence

Wilma Gowans

Ann Dickson

Janet Duff

Joyce Smith

Marjorie Chisholm

Wendy Cotton

Marlene Hutchison.

Front Row

Isabel Henderson

Christine Moran

Marion Wright

Lilian Mitchell

?? ??

Gloria Young

Catherine Mitchell.



Walter also sent me a photo of  his class at James Clark's School, taken in 1958.

Class 2T1A at James Clark School, St Leonards, 1958 ©

Acknowledgement:  Walter Bisset, Currie, Edinburgh:  May 5 + 6, 2008








David Gibson

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Message for Ian Lamb

David Gibson, who attended Preston Street School, then James Clark's school, and is now living in Perth, Western Australia,  emailed me on February 25, 2010.

David told me that he recognised Ian Lamb in this photo and would like to contact him again now.

So, if you read this, Ian, and would like to send a message to David, please email me then I'll pass it on to him.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  February 25, 2010





Elaine Dueck Forrest

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Here is a message posted by Elaine Dueck Forrest in the EdinPhoto Guestbook in October 2013:

Elaine wrote:

Isabel Henderson

"Imagine my surprise when I saw the picture of my class at Sciennes, taken in 1954.

I chummed with Isabel Henderson, also in the photograph.  I'd love to hear about her or from her.  She lived on Moncrieff Terrace.

Thank you for the memories."

Elaine Dueck Forrest, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada: 
Message left in EdinPhoto guestbook:  October 5, 2013

Message for Elaine Dueck Forrest

Hi Elaine.  I've received an email from Isabel Lunn (née Henderson) who remembers you as a childhood friend and would like to contact you again.  She has not been able to contact you by email.

Can you please email me to give me your latest email address, then I'll pass it on to her?    Thank you.

 Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 13, 2014


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