St Francis' School

Niddrie Mains Road, Craigmillar


School Class  -  1957

St Francis School Class, 1957

Gerald Chaplin.            Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andrew Gilligan, West Edinburgh, who sent a copy of this photo to me.


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    St Francis School Class, 1957




Andrew Gilligan

West Edinburgh

Thank you to Andrew Gilligan for sending me the photo of his large class at St Francis' School above, and a photo of his football team at St Francis' School,  also taken in 1957, together with the names of the pupils in these two photos.

I'm very impressed that Andrew has been able to remember so many of the pupils' names after almost 60 years!

Andrew wrote:

The Photo

"I've had an interesting time reading the recollections of Niddrie where I grew up.  I attended St Francis School from 1950 to 1957. Here is of my class, taken in 1957.

These are the pupils in this photo are (left to right).  It would be interesting to know where everyone else in the photo is now, and what they are doing these days.  I would assume that they are all retired by now."

School Class


  Back Row Middle Row Front Row
1. Charles Heriot Jimmy Cawkwell John Wright
2. ? Kennedy Billy Igoe Michael Kilkenny
3. Rab Burns Jim McManus George Collins
4. Rab Clifford George Little Paddy McCafferty
5. John Moran Tom Wills Andrew Gilligan
6 Brian Gibson Dennis Clifford Michael Rennie
7. Connie Lea Frankie Coleman Isobel Kane
8. Anna Christie Veronica Carr Rita Kane
9. Rosella Scott ?? ??
10. Ann Nugent Margaret Smith ? Mackay
11. ? Connolly Sandra Corrigan Davina (?) Philps (?)
12. ? McCardle Jessie Murray Janina Speakman
13. Helen McGee Kathleen Nolan Kathleen McNaughtan
14. Teacher: Mr Dykes    

Andrew Gilligan, West Edinburgh:  September 5 + 6 +7 +7, 2014


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