St Mary's Primary School

York Lane

School Concert

Around 1952-53

St Mary's Primary School, York Lane  -  School Concert, around 1952-53

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Winifred Johnston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia                         Photographer not known

Win tells me that the photo above would have been taken by one of the teachers, possibly Miss White.  I have not been able to contact her.




Win Johnston

(maiden name)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Winifred Johnston who wrote:


"This photo is of a re-enactment of a scene from a school concert.  The photo was taken on the roof garden at St. Maryís York Lane Ė probably 1952 or 1953."


"Iím the short one in costume.  The taller girl is Anne Gibbons. Others in the group were the singers for the performance.  The names that  I remember are:

-  Kathleen Henderson

-  Tommy Thomas

-  Peter Edgar

-  Joseph Radin

-  Maureen McCann

-  Ronnie Turnbull

-  Moira Campbell

-  Ian McDonald

-  Stuart Fraser.

Win Johnston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  August 2, 2013




Edith Caulfield

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Janette Caulfield who wrote:

Doreen Cavanagh

"In this photo, the tiny girl standing to the left of the two girls in costume is my late sister Doreen Cavanagh.  I'm so pleased to see this photo as I do not have any pictures of her at all."

Edith Caulfield, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  February 15, 2014




Stuart Fraser

Thank you to Stuart Fraser who wrote:

School Concert Photo

"I was astonished and delighted to have discovered the photos and messages about St Marys York Lane on the EdinPhoto web site. "


"I was amazed to see this group photo from the concert in the early-1950s.  I've never seen this photo before.  I'm on the extreme left in the photo.

The Country Dancers photo was taken in the Music Hall George Street, after St Marys had won the competition under the guidance of Agnes Loftus.  The photo appeared in the Evening Dispatch  under the caption:

 'Gallant Youth at Festival'!

The girls were chosen at random for the photo, and I donít believe any of them were from the St Marysí team."


"So many memories and names have come flooding back since yesterday when I discovered the EdinPhoto site.  

I remember:

Winifred Johnston,

-  Anne Gibbons,

Miss White - though I thought she was Miss Wight,

 Miss Edwards."

Stuart Fraser:  12 November 2016


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