Five boys in


Where Are They?

Answer:  Wardrop Close.  (See reply 3 below)

Seven children from Holyrood Square, in Holyrood Park  -  September 1936

 Oliver Leach, Edinburgh


Where Are They?

This photo may have been taken some time around the late-1970s ***.  Do you recognise where the photo was taken?  The slope of the street may be a clue.

 *** UPDATE: It is more likely to have been taken in the late-1960s.  See Answer 3 below.


Thank you to the family of Oliver Leach for allowing me to reproduce some of Oliver's colour slides on the EdinPhoto webs site, including this photo looking down on Waverley Station from the Scott Monument




Alan Monk

Warriston, Edinburgh

Alan Monk wrote:

Lambs House?

    5 boys in Edinburgh  -  Where are they?

"Could this be Lambs House in Leith?  The windows look similar to the lower ones in photos I have, but don't have anything from this angle. Also the stone cladding looks similar.

Just a thought."

Alan Monk, Warriston, Edinburgh:  June 29, 2010

Lambs House?

Thanks for your comments Alan.  I agree that the photo does look rather like Lamb's House.  My only reservation is that in the photo above the street appears to slope up from left to right.

So far as I remember, Lamb's House is on more level ground, but I'll check.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 29, 2010



George Smith

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

George wrote:

Bonded Warehouse?

5 boys in Edinburgh  -  Where are they?

"It looks like a bonded warehouse to me.  Iron bars 4 inches apart and shutters behind the lower windows are the basic requirements for a bonded warehouse."

George T Smith, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  June 29, 2010





Thank you to Ben who wrote:

Wardrop's Court

"That was a fairly easy one due to:

the angle (of the shadows and ground)

the barred windows

-  the unsightly render on the walls.


It's just down the North side of the High Street, towards North Bank Street, through Wardrop's Court.  Every detail apart from the main window and the tree match nicely (even the notch under the window ledge).

Where Are They?

Five Children at Wardrop's Court - maybe around late-1960s

 Oliver Leach, Edinburgh

Wardrop's Court

Wardrop's Court  -  Five Boys moved on

  Ben, Edinburgh.  This is one of the photos displayed on Ben's Flickr web site.



it's not unreasonable to expect the windows to be upgraded, but according to a nearby sign the tree was placed there by 'The Edinburgh Women Citizens' Association' on 14th December 1973.

This, and the the boys'sensible fashions (straight leg jeans) suggest that the photo at the top of this page is more likely to have been taken in the late-1960s than the late-1970s."


Ben, Edinburgh:  June 30, 2010


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