Children at

Whitson Terrace

Children in Whitson Terrace  -  Around 1948

Children in Whitson Terrace, Edinburgh  -  Around 1948

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Elizabeth Livingston, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.    Photographer not known


Children in Whitson Terrace

Thank you to Elizabeth Livingston who wrote:

Street Photo

"One day, around summer 1948, a photographer came around and said he would come back to take a photo.

I don't know the photographer's name, but here is the photo.  Most of these kids in it are from around Whitson Terrace."

The children in the photo are:

BACK ROW:  Frances, Norma, Barbara,  Morag, Kathleen, Betty, Jeannie

MIDDLE ROW:  Dorothy, ?,  Robert,  Donald,  ?,  Bobby

FRONT ROW:  Gloria, Margaret,  ?,  Arthur,  Bertie,  Martin,  ?, Jane, James

Elizabeth Livingston, North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada:  February  14+15+16, 2009


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