St Bede's Grammar School

Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Forms 1B to 5B


I attended St Clare's Primary School, Fagley, Bradford until 1956 when I moved to St Bede's Grammar School at Heaton, Bradford. 

The catchment area for the school was Bradford and the surrounding area to the west and south, including  Batley, Birstall, Halifax, Huddersfield and Keighley.

The classes were streamed: 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D'.  I was placed in 1B and like most others in that class, remained in the 'B' stream throughout the school - until I moved to 6th form for two years beginning 1961.

My Photos -  St Bede's Grammar School  -  Science Room  -  1963

I remember calling of the register.  Fortunately, my name begins with 'S' which usually gave me time to discover what was happening by the time my name was reached.

The class register began:

Andrews, Bradshaw, Breen, Cotter, Craven, Dagnall, Day, Duff, Evans, Farrah, Gormon, Hamilton, Harrison, .... Steel, Stubbs, .. Wadsworth, Wiczling, Wilkins.  

I'm not sure exactly which year this was.  I'll fill in the gaps in this list if I remember the names.

Most of the names above were in the 'B' stream throughout the school.  Also in the 'B' stream for some of the years were:  Didguinaitas, Hart, Hughes, Murray, O'Hara, and others whose names I'll add as I remember them.


St Bede's Grammar School

Photos - 1961-63