St Bede's Grammar School

Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

Upper 6th Form,


Sixth Form

My Photos -  St Bede's Grammar School  -  A group from the sixth form near the school  -  smoking  -  1963

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Upper Sixth Form

Here is a group of Upper 6th from pupils, several taking the chance to smoke on one on the lanes near the school.  This was close to the school's cross-country running course at Heaton Bradford.

LEFT to RIGHT (for the faces that can be seen):

John Rhodes,  Christopher Hamilton,  Michael Hayes,  John Kilkoyne,  ?,  George Truelove, Keith Wood,  John Gorman

with acknowledgement to Richard Hodgson for supplying the names in green in his 'Reply 1' below.




Richard Hodgson

Sutton in Craven, West Yorkshire, England

Thank you to Richard Hodgson who wrote:

"I attended St Bede's from 1956-63, in 1A to 5 alpha, Lower 6, Upper 6.  I can put names to two of the boys in this picture. 

-  John Kilkoyne, Keighley, is the boy to the right of Michael Hayes, as one looks at the pic.

-  George Truelove, also Keighley, is the tall boy with glasses.

These are very evocative pictures. I never knew that such everyday scenes were being recorded. Thanks for posting them.

Richard Hodgson, Sutton in Craven, 'far side' of Keighley, West Yorkshire, England:  April 23, 2014


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My Photos -  St Bede's Grammar School  -   Enlargement of a Group seated  -  1962