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Baker & Clairmount

Linotype hot metal printers


Linotype Equipment

Edinburgh at work  -  Baker and Clairmount, linotype equipment

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                 Photograph taken September 7, 1992


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   Edinburgh at work  -  Baker and Clairmount, linotype equipment


Baker & Claremont

Only Two Hot Metal Printers Left

In the early 1990, there were only two hot metal printers left in Edinburgh:

-   Speedspools (who used monotype equipment)

-   Baker & Claremont (who used linotype equipment).

Both have since closed.

Monotype and Linotype

Both monotype and linotype are hot-metal printing methods.  Monotype casts one letter at a time, linotype casts one row of letters at a time.

When I visited Baker & Claremont in 1992, one of their two linotype machines was in use.  They had just completed a job printing raffle tickets, using one of the features of the machine to ensure that the number changed for each ticket was printed.


Baker and Claremont

Edinburgh at Work