Croan & Sons

Kipper factory beside Newhaven Fishmarket and Harbour

The Kipper Factory

Edinburgh at Work - Croan & Son, kipper factory, Newhaven

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photograph taken June 20, 1991


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   Edinburgh at Work - Croan & Son, kipper factory, Newhaven


Croan's Kippers


Crabbies Green Ginger wine was made at Great Junction Street, Leith for many decades until the brewery (part of the United Distillers Group) closed around the 1990s.

I believe that the old brewery has now been converted to housing. The bottling plant beside it has been demolished.


When I visited Crabbies Green Ginger in 1992, I saw the raisins in the large tank.  I was told that there was 'treading of raisins' by workers wearing Wellington boots on a Tuesday morning.  I thought that would make a good photo, so I took a Tuesday morning holiday and went back to Crabbies with my camera.

When I arrived, I was told: "Yes on Tuesday mornings, but only a couple of times a year."  I never saw the 'treading of the raisins' because production of Crabbies Green Ginger wine ended soon after my 1992 visit to the company.


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