Harry Ramsden Restaurant

In the former Newhaven Fishmarket
beside Newhaven Harbour, Edinbrugh


Waitress Training at Harry Ramsden Restaurant

about to open for business

Edinburgh at Work  -  Harry Ramsden Fish Restaurant

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                        Photograph taken July 4, 1993

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     Edinburgh at Work  -  Harry Ramsden Fish Restaurant 


Harry Ramsden Restaurant

in the former Newhaven Fishmarket

Newhaven Fishmarket is situated beside Newhaven Harbour.  When the photographs above were taken, early on summer mornings in 1992, the fishmarket extended the whole length of the harbour.

Later in the 1990s, the old fishmarket building was renovated and divided into three sections:

-   NORTH:  The fishmarket continued to occupy this section.

CENTRAL: This became a Newhaven Heritage Museum, closed for refurbishment since late-2006.

SOUTH:  This became Harry Ramsden's Fish Restaurant, now closed and replaced by a Loch Fyne Restaurant

Harry Ramsden fish restaurant closed after a few years, and has now (in 2008) become a Loch Fyne Restaurant.



Harry Ramsden

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