David Lindsay


West Shore Road, Granton

Now part of Edinburgh Waterfront

West Shore Road

David Lindsay's and his small workforce had premises at West Shore Road, Granton, beside Clark stonemasons, a coopers, an ironmonger and Bruce the Builder from 1991.

I believe that David Lindsay may have been working for Clark stonemasons when I visited them at Canonmills in February 1991.

Work in the 1990s

When I visited David Lindsay's stone works in 1991, he was carving one of four elaborate stone tops for the new Sheriff Court in Chamber Street.  These took 2 weeks each to create.  He had previously made stone pillars for the same building.

One of his small workforce had been repairing the statue at St Stephen's Well on the Water of Leith at Stockbridge.

During my visit in 1992, the company was carving stone for the Churchhill Theatre.

When I visited in 1995, the company was carving stone for St John's Church, Princes Street.

Saint John's Church - Princes Street - Early Winter Evening f -  Floodlit

Edinburgh Waterfront

The land at West Shore Road  is within the area now known as  Edinburgh Waterfront, an area of major development over between around 2002 and  2020.

Edinburgh Waterfront

    Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Aerial Photos  -  2001


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