North  British Distillery

Cooperage at Muirhall, near West Calder


North British Distillery, Cooperage at West Calder  -  1995

  Peter Stubbs                                    Photo taken April 25, 1995


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   North British Distillery, Cooperage at West Calder  -  1995


North  British Distillery  -  Cooperage


This is one of the photos I took as part of a project to document people at work in and around Edinburgh.

This photo was taken in the cooper's shop at North British Distillery's cooperage at West Calder in April 1995.

This photo shows barrels being filled as the pass along the line.

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Here are more photos taken at NB Distillery at Gorgie and at NB Distillery's cooperage at West Calder, West Lothian in the 1990s.



from George T Smith

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to George T Smith, Canada, who wrote:

Barrels and Bungs

"The pictures in the cooperage show workers using a 'flogger' to  'start' (open)  the temporary bungs made of cork.  Hard bungs were  hammered home using a cooper's adze then shaved flush before going into the warehouses for maturing.

Hard bungs made pilferage more difficult and being less porous reduced the 'angel's share' during the years in bond. Cork bungs were not shaved so the canvas shows in  some photographs.

Some of the kit shown is after my time.  Casks were  manhandled in the racking warehouse, not moved mechanically down a  filling line as shown in your picture."

George T Smith, British Columbia, Canada:  December 22, 2007.



North British Distillery


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