Stevenson & Cheyne

engineering works

Beside the Water of Leith, Bonnington, Edinburgh

Hot Rolling of a 'Full Can'  -  1993

 Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne, workbench, 1992

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs.    Please contact                                   Photograph taken February 18. 1993


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   Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne, workbench, 1992


Stevenson & Cheyne

Engineering Works

Hot Rolling

I first saw Stevenson & Cheyne's rolling of hot metal, at their engineering works in Bonnington, in February 1992. 

 The firm was working on orders for:

-  24 cones for a Glasgow ship yard for oil rigs.

-  over 100 cylinders for BPCL.

The large oven used for these hot rollings was installed in 1981 and could operate at temperatures up to 1,200 degrees C.  For the hot rollings above it was  operating at 900 degrees C and was producing one hot rolling every 60 to 90 minutes.



Stevenson & Cheyne

Edinburgh at Work