Edinburgh Fringe Festival



Performed around Edinburgh
from Greyfriars' Kirkyard to the grounds of St Patrick's RC Church


A scene from Frantic Redhead Productions' performance of 'Macbeth' - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2007

 Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk   Photographed August 23, 2007


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  A scene from Frantic Redhead Productions' play 'Macbeth' - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2007



The Scene

After the opening scenes in Greyfriars Kirkyard, the performers (and audience) moved to James' Court, where this photo was taken.  It was here that Macbeth heard of the death of the King.

The Performers

Frantic Redhead Productions has two "walking plays" in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2007.  For these plays, the audience follows the cast around the streets and closes of Edinburgh.

- Macbeth, (The Scottish Play) has been performed here  for many years.

- Sherlock Holmes Murder in the Gardens is a world premier in 2007.

I felt that Edinburgh made an ideal backdrop to productions such as these.

Frantic Redhead's Producer, Ginger Perkins of Los Angeles, has been presenting theatre, music, dance and art at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the past twenty-five years.   However, 2007 is to be her final year in this role.


Edinburgh in August

Sherlock Holmes and Macbeth