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November 2002

View from Queen's Park  -  looking to the north-west towards Balmoral Hotel and Granton

Photograph by Peter Stubbs  -  Edinburgh  -  November 2002  -  View to the north-west from the slopes of Arthur's Seat in Queen's Park  -  looking towards the Balmoral Hotel, the old General Post Office and Granton

Here is a view from the slopes of Arthur's Seat in Queen's Park, looking to the north west over some of the buildings in the Old Town of Edinburgh, towards the Balmoral Hotel with its clock tower.  This was formerly named the North British Hotel.

The building to the left of the hotel was formerly Forsyth's Department store in Princes Street.  It now houses other shops.

Edinburgh's General Post Office was based in the buildings to the right of the Balmoral Hotel until about 1990.  The building lay empty for many years, but is now being re-developed.  Red scaffolding can be seen on one of these buildings.

In the background, beside the Firth of Forth, are Granton Gas Works.  This area is currently being developed as Edinburgh Waterfront.  One of the gasworks towers has been listed as being of particular architectural interest, and is to be preserved.

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