Edinburgh Today

December 2003

Looking down West Bow from Victoria Terrace

Picture derived from a photograph looking down on West Bow at the foot of Victoria Street from Victoria Terrace

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk

West Bow

This view looks down on the West Bow, at the foot of Victoria Street, from Victoria Terrace.   West Bow leads down to the Grassmarket.

Please click on the image below o see the photograph from which this picture was derived.

  Looking down on the West Bow with shops on the south side of the Grassmarket and George Heriot's School in the background

West Bow

Please click on the thumbnail image below to see another picture of  West Bow.

   West Bow, The Grassmarket and George Heriot's School (floodlit at top of picture)

West Bow



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