Cook's Balmoral Hotel

Portobello, Edinburgh

Early 1900s

Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Cook's Balmoral Hotel, Portobello

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Richard Keltie, whose great-grandmother opened this hotel


Cook's Balmoral Hotel


Thank you to Richard Keltie, Glasgow, for allowing me to reproduce the postcard above.

Richard wrote:


"I have just come across this further picture of Cook's Balmoral Hotel. It's the same picture as one I sent previously, used on a business card

Cook's Balmoral Hotel, Portobello

-  only this time it's in postcard format.

It was posted on September 4, 1905, which gives some early provenance regarding the existence of Cook's Balmoral Hotel.

It was sent by my great-aunt Martha Cook, known in the family as Mat or Mattie. She was the daughter of Martha Cook, my great grandmother, who as you know ran Cook's Balmoral Hotel.

Back of the Postcard

"Although the postcard was addressed to my grandfather Robert Keltie, it was clearly intended for his wife, Mattie's sister Mary Cook, my grandmother.

It's a quirky note from Mattie, apparently describing murder most foul !!!

'Dear Sis, Snatcher my old pal died last week. Some brute poisoned my pet. Write & console me soon.  Mat.'."

The back of a postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Cook's Balmoral Hotel, Portobello

Richard Keltie, Glasgow, Scotland:  December 6, 2008


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