The family of James Morton-Robertson

Paternal Grandfather

Soldier:  James Morton Robertson

James Morton Robertson, the paternal grandfather of James Morton-Robertson who sent recollections of Heriot Mount to the EdinPhoto web site

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to James Morton Robertson's grandson,
James Morton-Robertson, Sevenoaks, Kent, England.
             Photographer not known


Grandfather Robertson

The Photo

Thank you to James Morton-Robertson for providing the photograph above.

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James Morton-Robertson wrote:

"My paternal grandfather, James Morton Robertson and was born in Newington in 1882. He ran away from home at 14 and joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers.  He was sent to S Africa in 1901 and was at the relief of Ladysmith.  He served in Zululand, quelling uprisings.

He was sent, again, to South Africa during WW1. He  campaigned in German South West Africa (Namibia).

During WW2, he was an ARP Warden."

James Morton Robertson:  Sevenoaks, Kent, England:  July 1, 2007


James Morton-Robertson used to live at Heriot Mount.

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