The Lawnmarket

Looking towards St Giles' Church

The Lawnmarket

Looking down the Royal Mile towards St Giles Church and the Tron Kirk

Stereo View from Keystone View Company   -  Around 1900

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Gordon, Southside, Edinburgh


The Publisher

The style of this stereo view card by Keystone View Company suggests to me that it would have been produced around 1900.

The title of this view is 'Cowgate'

However, this photo is, in fact, of the Lawnmarket (part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile) taken from beside Tollbooth St John's church, now The Hub.

The View

Please click on the thumbnail images below to zoom-in on the left-hand picture from the stereo pair above, and also see a recent photograph of the Lawnmarket.

One half of a Stereo view of Lawnmarket, Edinburgh  -  by Keystone View Company, 1900



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