Fettes Row

Fettes Row is one of the streets that crosses Dundas Street about half a mile to the north of Princes Street.  It lies on the northern edge of Edinburgh New Town.

Looking east from the west end of Fettes Row

Around 1970

Fettes Row, Edinburgh - 1970s
  Alistair Hunter, with acknowledgement to John Knight for sending this photo to me.                                         Photo taken:  1970s


Fettes Row

Thank you to John Knight for sending me six photos taken in the 1970s before conservation work really got underway in Fettes Row and before the  new developments were built to the north of Fettes Row.

The photo above is one of these photos.

John wrote:

Looking east
from the west end of
Fettes Row

    Fettes Row, Edinburgh - 1970s

"This photo was taken by Alistair Hunter of Fettes Row West prior to comprehensive conservation work starting on the street.

The pavilion block nearest the camera was the first major project in the restoration of the New Town.  It was visited on completion by HM The Queen Mother in 1975

The repair work to the rest of the terrace followed but little major work has been done in Fettes Row East, which was and still is in a reasonable state of repair."

John Knight, Edinburgh:  January 2+5, 2012


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