'Weird Night'

Looking across Grassmarket towards the Castle

from east end of Grassmarket

'Weird Night'

The foot of West Bow and West Bow Well  -  view from the Grassmarket

  Matylda Konecka, Newhay, Rochdale, Greater Manchester


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       Painting 'Weird Night' by Matylda Konecka  -  Edinburgh Castle and Grassmarket from East End of Grassmarket


'Weird Night'

The Artist

Thank you to the artist, Matylda Konecka, for allowing me to reproduce this painting  -  Title: 'Silent Street'  (mixed media, 40 x 80cm).

Matylda was born in Wroclaw, Poland.  She graduated in  Landscape Architecture at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences and now lives and paints in Greater Manchester, England.  She has had several exhibitions throughout Europe, and has also designed album covers.

Here is a link to  Matylda's web site.  It includes links to some of her paintings, illustrations and album covers.

The View

This view, with the well in the foreground looks up West Bow, then Victoria Street towards George IV Bridge.

Here is a photo taken during the winter from a similar position.

Telephone Kiosk and Police Box in the Grassmarket - November 2010

'Quiet Street'

Thank you to Matylda for allowing me to also reproduce  the painting, 'Weird Street'.  This view is also from the east end of Grassmarket, but looking  to the NE up West Bow then Victoria Street towards George IV Bridge.

Painting 'Silent Street' by Matylda Konecka  -  West Bow and Victoria Street from East End of Grassmarket