No 90

Grove Street

South end of Grove Street, at its junction with Fountainbridge  -  1990s?

90 Grove Street.  The south end of the street, where it meets Fountainbridge  -  Photograph probably taken in the 1990s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Scott, Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, England.

Grove Street

This view looks to the NW, at the corner of Fountainbridge and Grove Street.  Grove Street is the street where the red van is parked.

The black door in this photo, with the window above it supported with a wooden framework is No 90 Grove Street

Grove Street was where St Cuthbert's horses were stabled until the horse-drawn milk deliveries ended in the 1980s

It was also at the other end of the street, 1 and 3 Grove Street, that John Center, professional photographer and bagpipe maker, was based from 1873 until 1880, and again from 1889 to 1895.


Grove Street

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