No 20

Hutchison Road

between Gorgie and Slateford

Hutchison Road  -  looking to the east

Looking to the east along Hutchison Road  -  No 20 is on the right

  Peter Stubbs.  Please contact                                  Photograph taken April 5, 2007 at 6.30pm


Hutchison Road

I took this photograph of Hutchison Road, and added it to the web site after receiving messages from people who remembered the street in the 1940s.

The nearest house on the right, with the red door is No 20.  This is one of the houses mentioned in  recollections of the Hutchison Road.

The two blocks of houses on the right look asif they may be familiar to people who remember this street from the 1940s.  The apartments on the left and the blocks of flats in the distance at the eastern end of the road have been built more recently.

This photograph was taken in the early evening sunshine in April 2007.



Thank you to George T Smith, British Columbia, Canada for his recollections of living in Hutchison Road.

George wrote:

20 Hutchison Road

"Our flat was the top to the left  of the red door - new windows I see.  Our Mums used to 'have a hing' out  of the living room window on summer evenings and exchange news.  All  that changed with the advent of TV.

The car is exactly where my dad parked his motor cycle combination which he used for whizzing round all corporation schemes where he  fixed any electrical malfunctions.

I guess the new flats on the left-hand side are  on the old Manclark's site."

George T Smith, British Columbia, Canada:  April 7, 2007

I don't know the answer to the final question above.

-  Peter Stubbs:  April 7, 2007


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